The Belgian House

the Belgian House

Shanghai, P.R. China
Raams Architecture Studio
Chen Yun Fei

Dynamic showroom with several brands under one roof: the future according to kreon

Together with five other Belgian design brands, kreon opened the Belgian House in Shanghai beginning 2021. The 800m² multifunctional space in the lively French Concession Area is anything but a classic showroom. The visitor enjoys a real experience with an eye for detail, quality and finish in a 100% Belgian setting: from the interior to the Vedett beer tap system and the roof terrace. The combined forces of various Belgian brands thus make a strong impression in the Chinese metropolis. Today the location is also a hip center for exhibitions and events and a Belgian evening was recently organized on the occasion of the 50-year trade relationship between Belgium and China. Plans are also under way to involve new Belgian partners in the project. According to kreon, a dynamic showroom with different brands is the key to success in continuing to attract architects and designers in the future.

The Belgian House combines the strengths of Belgian top brands kreon, PR interior, Renson, Decospaon, Royal Botania and Reynaers. PR Interior, a furniture company from Waregem, took the initiative for this shared showroom and found a prime location in the center of Shanghai. kreon has been active in China since 2014. As 'little' Belgians, it was not always easy to make an impression in the gigantic Chinese market. kreon immediately believed in this concept and closed its showroom in Shanghai to invest in this joint project. Raams Architectural Studio was responsible for the design of the showroom and the offices and made a coherent whole. The result is a unique design in a lively neighborhood full of historical heritage, which should primarily appeal to architects, designers and project developers.

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