American Vintage, Marseille

American Vintage, Marseille

Marseille, France
Serge Brison

American Vintage , is a ready-to-wear brand created in 2005; despite an English-speaking name, it is a Marseille-based brand. The founder, Michaël Azoulay, was born in Marseille; with a degree in electricity & air conditioning, after odd jobs as a pizza delivery man, he got into the fashion industry “by chance” and became salesman for a local jeans brand.
The brand is known for its lightweight and soft cotton clothing, and recognized mainly for its t-shirt, its ready-to-wear products simple, basic, minimalist.
Thanks to his past in trade sector, Michaël’s doesn’t think in terms of style, but in terms of quality. That’s why he chose for kreon: basic and minimalist designs, without frill, with materials of the highest quality.
For their European stores, for example in Marseille, but also in city of fashion Antwerp, they chose for the design of kreon lighting: not only good-looking, but also solid and functional, just as the American Vintage fashion. It makes the fashion stand out, not the lighting.

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