Gruppo Végé

Gruppo Végé

Milan, Italy
Diego Granese

VéGé Group is one of the most innovative distribution networks in the Italian large-scale retail trade. The sales network includes several format types, like superstores and supermarkets and smaller areas as minimarkets and drugstores. The number of the stores is over 2.300 all over Italy.

Granese design studio and their client Dott. Santambrogio, came to Kreon for this major renovation project. The aim was having an elegant atmosphere all over the different rooms, not only in the reception or meeting areas but also in the offices. Nuit Led profiles and Down in-Line 80 Led 3000K warm up, and graphically draw, all the rooms of the new Végé base. The rectangular shape of the white ceiling tiles and the black colour chosen for the lighting profiles, underline the importance of the geometry in the entire project. A particular importance was also dedicated to the noise absorption, every tile has its own mineral wool layer. Air diffusion was integrated with our efficient and always minimal Fuo-square. Inline by Belux characterized the stairs case while the entrance is signed by Johto (carefully recessed in marble slabs) and Holon 40 directional

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