holon 40 directional surface mounted

holon 40

kreon holon is a range of surface mounted, track mounted and pendant cylindrical downlights characterised by its compact form and deep set LED position, providing a subtle feeling of light without a possible uncomfortable visual perception. The range uses a variety of LED modules and is available in two diameters to suit spatial requirements. With a choice of fixed or directional units, kreon holon can provide a discreet yet functional solution to general or accent lighting within architecture. Finished in black for a dramatic contrast or pure white.

kreon holon directional is spotlight with a rotational adjustment of 360º and an angular adjustment of 90º, which when combined with the choice of spot, flood, wide flood, darklight or wide darklight reflector, provides a truly versatile general or accent lighting tool. kreon holon directional can be surface mounted or used on our 48V magnetic track system.

kreon holon fixed can be surface mounted or suspended and is the perfect solution for general or accent lighting and features a spot, flood or wide flood reflector set above the black or white internal louvre. Use kreon holon fixed  to create pools or accents of light.

kreon holon 40 book is a wall-mounted variation with a reinforced arm for intensive use.