De Mot

De Mot

Keerbergen, Belgium
Cubyc Architects
Koen Van Damme / Thomas De Bruyne / Hendrik Biegs

This high-end residential project, built in a wooded area, differentiates itself by a distilled play of lines of terraced volumes and patios which on one hand provides the necessary tension and surprises and on the other hand provides the required serenity which can already be read in the architectural plans. This serenity is reinforced by a well aligned limited use of materials and a thorough detailing at the finishing stage.

Because of the wooded location the owners opted for ceramic tiles for the coating of the facades which were positioned in vertical planes with different widths. The same tiles were also used for the floors, terraces, bathrooms to strengthen the unity of the whole contrasting with the colorful art collection of the owner.

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