Private residence

Private Residence Luxembourg

Victoria Kotkalo
Fotograf : 
Serge Brison

As you approach the Luxembourgish private residence, the clean white facade with contrasting black kreon dolma profiles against a well-maintained garden is immediately striking.

Inside, the meticulous white theme extends, paired with inviting wooden floors for added warmth. Throughout the house, kreon aplis in-line fixtures offer general lighting that gracefully illuminates the rooms.

In the living room, attention is drawn to the kreon holon 40 on-track luminaires, casting focused light that creates a captivating atmosphere. The marble-clad kitchen benefits from the illumination of kreon cana 40 ligna fixtures and separate spotlights, seamlessly blending aesthetics and functionality.

The wooden staircase guides you to the upper level, with kreon side in-line lights providing a subtle pathway glow.

Around the swimming pool, kreon aplis in-line 80 fixtures are complemented by indirect lighting, crafting a relaxing ambiance that embraces the area with tranquility.

This private residence showcases a harmony of light and design. Its thoughtful selection of lighting elements enhances both the aesthetics and functionality of each space, contributing to a comfortable and elegant living environment.

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