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In 2021 CLK Constructions celebrated its 40th anniversary in flamboyant new offices and a state-of-the-art showroom.

La Cascade, the new administrative building of CLK Constructions reflects the sustainable and ecological strategy, as well as the innovative spirit of the company. The milestones of sustainable construction were laid from the planning stage, during reflections on its integration into the landscape, its lifespan, the use of recycled or recyclable materials, and the possibilities of dismantling at the end of its life.

The result is a multifunctional space of 2,028.61 m², with offices for 118 people, 623.1 m² of exhibition space, a flexible space for events and a panoramic terrace.

"For 40 years we have been used to building tailor-made ecological houses for our customers and it was important to live in a modern building, welcoming and benefiting from the best of the latest technologies", explains Brigitte Brouwers, owner and general manager of CLK. Buildings.

In its new building, CLK Constructions has made numerous investments to improve the health and well-being of the occupants. Among these are a plant wall and a water wall at the entrance, both about 10 meters high, which always arouse exclamations.

The climate ceilings by vektron ceiling solutions generate a comfortable, healthy and clean indoor climate. Cooling and heating is distributed uniformly throughout the entire surface of the room, without any draughts and in complete silence. Having no moving parts or dust collecting filters, maintenance is reduced to an absolute minimum whilst assuring a healthy indoor climate.

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