Vektron Clip-in*

Warsage Swimming Pool

Vektron Clip-in*

The Vektron Clip-in system consists of a concealed supporting structure to which demountable tiles can be clipped. When the ‘clip-in system’ is mounted, a shadow joint with a width of 6 mm and a depth of 8 mm is created accentuating the grid pattern and generating a unique design. Through the combination of the ‘clip-in’ profile and specially developed connectors on the tile, a perfect levelling is ensured. Tiles of the ‘clip-in’ system can be singularly and effortlessly removed, which simplifies eventual functional adaptations of space.


* (not for US market)



Clip-in tiles are made of galvanised steel and protected with a UV-resistant powder coating. They are fire and corrosion resistant. The perforated tiles incorporate a sound absorbing membrane which can be selected to respond to various acoustic requirements.


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