Ceiling solutions

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Made to measure

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Kreon metal ceilings can be arranged an customised to perfectly match your vision. We offer a wide variety of tile dimensions, materials, colours, finish, perforations, accessories and options. Because we have tiles with various acoustical properties, we can respond to any acoustic demand.


Dimensions and materials

Tiles are available in variable sizes an can be made to measure. Possible materials are galvanised steel, aluminium and stainless steel.


Colours and finish

Kreon offers a wide pallet of ceiling colours of its own. Products can be delivered in any RAL colour as well. All tiles have UV-resistant polyester powder coating with a minimal thickness of 60 micron and a gloss level between 3% and 20%. The low gloss level generates depth and a smooth ambiance.



Perforations determine the appearance of a ceiling and contribute to acoustic and air comfort. To support your creativity and to meet your  functional requirements, we offer perforations in different shapes, patterns and sizes.


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Kreon can integrate lighting and all common ulitilies into its ceilings. Working with one supplier for your ceiling, lighting and techincal services has many advantages:

  • Alignment of aesthetic properties and delivery times are optimal
  • All tiles arrive on site pre-equipped
  • Installation is easy because the construction parts match perfectly

Although we normally integrate our own range of ulitilies in our ceilings, if certain solutions are already in place, we can examine to integrate them into our ceilings as well.

Project management

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Peace of mind, from inception through installation

Our project management process is designed to move you swiftly and faultlessly through concent, planning and execution. At every stage of your project, we will be the central point of contact for all parties involved. You can count on our full support during planning, drawing, installantion and integration of techniques.


Carefully planned and monitored

Kreon has the experience and the tools to plan your ceiling project in the most meticulous way. Since every detail of your project is in our scope, we can and will continuously monitor your wishes and your budget.


1. Grid plans

Kreon creates grid plans for every room that you need to equip with a ceiling and techniques. All techical services are incloded in the plan.


2. Shop plans

Kreon uses construction documents to create shop drawings. A shop drawing is a visual explanation showing every specific aspect of an integrated ceiling that membrs of the installation crew need.

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