Prologe 80 on-Regule

Prologe 80 on-Regule

The Regule is a surface mounted extruded aluminium profile that re-invents the track system. It creates an ultimate dialogue between fixture and ceiling while the track profile itself becomes an integral part of the architecture. The Regule track is host to a variety of Prologe elements with different light sources. This new designed rail is equipped for 3 circuits and dimchannel. Once the fixtures are clipped into the Regule, they can be repositioned to meet changing requirements. Prologe 80 on-Regule offers various fixed lightsources and directional low-voltage fixtures. The standard fitting is made of steel finished in black or white powder coated finishing. Different louvre options give the profile the identity that fits with it’s surroundings.

Prologe 80 on-Regule single

Prologe 80 on-Regule double

Prologe 80 on-Regule triple

Prologe 80 on-Regule T16

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