Holon 80

Holon 80

Holon 80, the larger counterpart of Holon 40, is a product range of directional spotlights and downlights. The luminaire can be equipped with LED and LED retrofit lightsources.

Various options in LED colour temperature, beam angles, lenses and drivers are available to optimize the desired light effect for each project, either residential or hospitality.

Holon 80 directional rotates 360° and tilts up to 90°. The hinge of Holon 80 directional is permanently tensioned, allowing the luminaire to remain fixed at any angle, from 0° to 90°

In addition to the directional spotlight, this product range comes with a second variety: Holon 80 fixed. This downlight is designed for rooms that embrace the language of form of this luminaire, but don't require an adjustable luminaire head.





Holon 80 directional surface mounted

Holon 80 directional recessed mounted

Holon 80 fixed

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