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Photographer: Serge Brison

Architect: PAS interior

CMT International, designs, produces and exports high quality shirts. Their spacious showroom, located in Diepenbeek, Belgium is completely lit with Kreon tools of light luminaires such as: Erubo, Aplis in-Line 80, Pending Nuit profiles and Holon 40 directional spots.

Diapason 80


Diapason re-invented

A quarter of a century after the design classic "Diapason" was launched by Kreon, the timeless piece in lighting design takes a turn for the future to meet today's requirements in modern LED technology.

Its characteristic design is distilled, without losing touch with its original strong form language derived from the elegant contours of a tuning-fork, nor by compromising its versatile gyroscopic principle. This allows the luminaire to tilt and rotate freely, in order to easily highlight architectural details.

Diapason is redesigned exclusively for LED lightsources and offers great flexibility to fit the needs of your project. Different colour temperatures and CRI characteristics will be available and the light effect can be customised with a variety of lenses, glare preventors and the best performing optics.

Diapason no longer comes in just two sizes, but the product range will be extended with a third, smaller luminaire: Diapason 40, allowing a wide variety of applications in residential projects, hospitality and retail applications.

First of all, Diapason 80 will be launched. Followed by the smaller Diapason 40 and the largest of the range: Diapason 120.

Haut- und Laserzentrum Altmühltal

Architect: Reimann Interior & Design

The “Haut- und Laserzentrum Altmühltal“ holds the distinctive design language of Julius Reimann, the founder and owner of Reimann Interior & Design. Key components are clear visual axes, discreet colouring and the exceptional quality of the interior. Various interpretations of the texture of  skin, for example polygonal structures, are the main theme of the design concept. It is underlined by pastel shades, mirrored surfaces, elegant shades of grey and the architectural lighting.

Cardiac Centre Klokkehuys


Architect: Simoni Architecten
Photographer: Serge Brison

Cardiac Centre Klokkehuys in Bilzen, Belgium is completely lit with Kreon tools of light. The metal ceiling arrangements are provided by Kreon ceiling solutions. Our luminaires and other utilities blend perfectly with the made-to-measure metal ceiling tiles.